Pentel Energel Kawaii

Cranes are a symbol of longevity and good fortune. In Asia, crane folding is often seen when one likes to pray for well-wishes.

ORIGAMI BLN75KW21-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm

Plum blossom, which comes with a strong and sweet fragrance, is a symbol of Spring in Japan. It symbolises perseverance and hope..

UME BLN75KW20-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm

This design features Raijin also known as Kaminari-sama, the god of thunder in Japanese mythology.

Raijin is often depicted as a protector and/or warrior figure within Japanese temples and shrines.

KUMO BLN75KW22-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm

Urushi (Japanese Lacquerware) is a unique Japanese craft that features elegant and beautiful decorative arts. Here in Pentel Energel Kawaii+, the Urushi design features Black, Red and Gold, which symbolise wealth and prestige.

URUSHI BLN75KW19-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm

Umbrellas have a long history in Japan, but do you know that different colours have a different meaning?

Purple umbrellas are a symbol of longevity.

KASA BLN75KW18-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm

A symbol of good fortune, aspiration and perseverance.

KOI BLN75KW17-C Ink: Blue 0.5mm